• Congress … they’re all crooks!  Except my representative…
  • Government entitlement programs need to be cut!  Except my Medicare/SS…
  • I’m totally against “pork-barrel” projects!  Except for the ones for my community (that keeps me voting for my legislator who “brought home the bacon”)
  • Bullying and drug use in the schools is becoming rampant…just not in my school, or by my kids (or kids they know…)
  • The people who got mortgages they knew they couldn’t afford need to be held responsible for that as part of fixing the housing problem…except in my case…
  • We need to move from our dependency on oil to cleaner and more renewable energy sources…except don’t ask me to pay a little more at the pump to make the move a reality

See it?  There’s a clear pattern of deflecting responsibility for what we know is wrong and needs to be changed….but not by “me”…by someone else.

And there lies the crux of our stagnation…our gridlock.  You see, Congress, your school board, and all other democratically elected bodies, are in fact a reflection of us, as it was meant to be.  When you look at them, and what they’re doing badly, or not doing at all, you are looking in the mirror.

Once we get that, we’ll get change for the better.

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