Republican Vitriol the Ignition to AZ Tragedy….Really?

arizona shooting of congresswomanI just received an email from a trusted colleague, containing the following:

Sara Palin needs to in some way be held accountable for what happened in Tucson yesterday.

My reply speaks to what’s really the issue on this subject roiling the nation/press after the Arizona tragedy:

“As much as I agree that Palin and all who resort to violent imagery/speech (the vast majority of whom are Republicans) are part of the problem, feeding sick minds with equally sick ideas of what’s fair or necessary to “reclaim our country” – and agree that there must be enormous pressure on them to cease such vitriol – I believe by focusing on them as a root cause (e.g. “holding them accountable…) we lose sight of a much larger problem needing redress…
…That ever more young people (the vast majority of those in the past 15 years who have perpetrated mass killings have been kids under the age of 25) are feeling either so worthless, powerless, or both, that they go almost literally insane, get a gun that is so easy to acquire (this last kid’s gun was purchased legally) and commit atrocities against others.
We (Boomers) sat-in, marched, protested….they kill.  With or without SP, they will do so…they’ll find a reason somewhere.
Our grandparents were labeled “The Lost Generation”…apparently we now have another…”

One thought on “Republican Vitriol the Ignition to AZ Tragedy….Really?

  1. Follow me up the path. I see a gigantically deep hole when I look back. The hole is wide as life’s path. The space around it is narrow to one step at a time. Falling in the hole of ‘a much larger problem needing to be addressed,’ is easy for those who have little or no guidance, support, or compassionate community. The larger problem, the hole is invisible to those approaching.

    Boomers who somehow have made it around or out of the hole have a responsibility to return to the edge, scream instructions to youth approaching, or run back to the site of the falling point, put your arms around the age members approaching the fall. Guide them compassionately to safety, targeting those who show clear signs of concerns, before they commit ‘legal crimes’ that make them targets for pursuit.

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