About Terri

terriBNheadgrey2Terri Benincasa is a nationally known Boomer Expert and host of the nationally heard broadcast radio show Boomer Nation!  – most importantly, she’s a proud Boomer herself.

Terri’s expertise comes from studying the latest research, trends, needs, and characteristics of her generation, which she has been doing happily & diligently since 1999.  She channels that knowledge, and her skill as a seasoned Coach & Actress,  into her radio show (heard on broadcast throughout West Central FL on WGUL/WLSS 860/930 AM & nationally on Power World Radio (known as “the NPR of internet radio), Boomster, & Boomer Authority Radio Network), and her speaking engagements/advice columns, and Boomer Expert website (www.theboomerexpert.com) designed to get Boomers quickly and happily through all those !~##@*!! transitions we experience, while getting us realizing &  feeling the immense power we have to change things for the better just like we did in our youth.

Our world is not doing so well these days, and we are needed again.  So, Terri’s mission (since, Mr. Phelps, she did accept it) is to get those of us who aren’t living up to our full potential, feeling great about ourselves again, getting all of us reunited behind the basics we’ve always believed in (clean environment, human rights, making a better world to live in…you know, our causes in our youth….) and re-igniting our passion to fight for these things again.

So, Boomers, join in – the water’s warming (that’s part of the problem, eh?!) and she’s ready for you when you’re ready for her!

5 thoughts on “About Terri

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  2. Dear Ms. Benincasa

    Thank you for your message on twitter (twitter.com/TimiGustafsonRD). It seems that we have a lot in common. I love your blog and the cause you have taken up on behalf of the Baby Boomers. Please stay in touch for mutual inspiration. My work is focused on health, lifestyle, travel and food (wine too) – see more details at http://www.timigustafson.com

    Thanks again for getting in touch.

    Kind regards,

    Timi Gustafson

  3. I agree with you to a point, however, I think there are some toxic things in medications and injections and such, however, for those who are able to tolerate them maybe that is what they need. Needless to say, I’m one who has been unable to tolerate many chemicals, inhalants, food preservatives, perfumes, other fragrances and to the point my system became toxic and turned into cancer 20 years ago and again 2 years ago. I find it very depressing when doctors don’t want or allow themselves to understand or believe how devastating it is… at one time ‘it is all in your head’ was the diagnosis and of course when I entered a building or read a paper and started coughing or if someone sprayed WD40 in an enclosed work area and then said “oh gosh I thought you were just joking” when I had to go outdoors for 20 minutes until the coughing settled down… and yes there are no treatments for chemical inhalants since the treatments are chemicals… duh… so acupuncture and chiropractic DO help as well as healthy supplements but when cancer gets a hold it is a matter of time before it returns and yes I thought it never would …. plastics, microwaves, Pepsi, Coke…Aspartame, Nutrasweet sure all are culprits and take a look around.. MONEY MAKERS too … Cancer in my opinion is a big business and one which “THEY” will not find a cure until they admit the prevention…..

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