A Lesson for Boomer Men from Fred Astaire

Ever watch TCM – you know, the channel with all the wonderful old movies?

I do, and recently tuned in for what I thought would be a delightful movie with Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron called Daddy Longlegs – a charming romantic comedy!

Actually, not really.  In it, Mr. Astaire who at the time was 56 and pretending to be 10 years younger, falls in love with Ms. Caron who at the time was 24 and not pretending at all (OK she pretends to be 16 in the film’s opening, but ends up being about her real age at the end).  Throughout the movie, Mr. Astaire’s character goes on about how inappropriate it is for a middle-aged man to court a woman young enough to be his daughter; the script has him saying just that, in fact.  But, he’s a scillionaire, she’s a poor orphan from France – let the dancing and woo’ing commence!

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