Voter Suppression and the Founding Fathers

These days, the press is full of stories about a number of states’ (including the one in which I reside) using new voter ID requirements aimed at “eliminating voter fraud” as a cover to suppress voter participation by folks who are already disenfranchised (poor, people of color) – actual cases of voter fraud are so minimal, the need for major voter reform seems contrived at best, Machiavellian at worst, they say.

don't believe all you're toldYou must admit, it seems a tad suspect.

To bring that point home in a recent OpEd piece on the subject, Larry Norden of the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program was quoted as saying; “Our country was founded on the principle of all men being equal.  We should have equal access to vote.”

The problem with that statement; it’s not true. Continue reading